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Ruckus partner installer

ACCL is a certified Ruckus partner installer, possessing the expertise and experienced required to design and implement Ruckus wireless solutions installations efficiently and tailored to your needs.

ACCL is a Ruckus partner installer

What is Ruckus Wireless?

Ruckus is a leading manufacturer of wireless solutions, suited to a wide variety of sectors including: corporate, SME, outdoors, leisure, education, hospitality and many more.

Ruckus is a popular choice for WiFi solutions. Ruckus wireless WiFi connections are super fast due to having a high RF performance, are a premium quality build, and are also cost-effective with fewer access points offering double coverage.

Ruckus Cloud WiFi simplifies the set-up of a wireless network by centralizing its management and administration on a single program or app.

What are the benefits of being a Ruckus Partner Installer?

Being part of the Big Dog Partnership demonstrates that ACCL is certified to design, install and support Ruckus Wifi solutions.

Partners are provided with tailored programs which provide ACCL with the relevant tools and information to help customers maximize the benefits of their Ruckus Wireless installation.

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