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Certified Ubiquiti installers

Ubiquiti is one of ACCL’s (Active Communication Company Limited) preferred manufacturers for the installation of wireless products. The ACCL is a certified Ubiquiti installer, following training provided by the manufacturer, demonstrating expertise of Ubiquiti products. 

Ubiquiti logo, ACCL is a trained and qualified ubiquiti installer

What is Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti is an American technology company which manufacturers products for wireless solutions for both broadband providers and businesses. ACCL are regular installers of the manufacturer’s wireless products.

Preferable sites for installation of Ubiquiti wireless products include: schools, e.t.c

What it takes to become a certified Ubqiuiti installer

To become a certified installer, the ACCL team enrolled on Ubquiti’s certification program, to gain specialised knowledge of, and recognition in, their proficiency in the installation of Ubiquity products.

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