Thermal Imaging CCTV Security Camera Installation


ACCL can assist businesses of all sizes with thermal imaging CCTV security camera installation in London. This technology ensures that their London offices and premises are secured against intruders. We provide high-quality, reliable thermal imaging CCTV security cameras and assist with installation and post-installation set-up and maintenance for your convenience.


Thermal Imaging CCTV refers to a specialised kind of surveillance technology that detects and captures thermal energy emitted by objects. It operates based on the principle of thermal radiation, allowing it to create images or videos based on the variations in temperature.


Thermal Imaging CCTV is highly beneficial for businesses and properties as it provides superior detection capabilities, especially in challenging or low-light environments. Unlike traditional CCTV cameras that rely on visible light, thermal cameras can capture images in complete darkness or through smoke, fog, and dust. This makes them particularly effective for monitoring outdoor areas, perimeters, or locations with limited lighting conditions, ensuring continuous surveillance and threat detection.


Thermal Imaging CCTV is also a cost-effective monitoring solution as it offers wide coverage and the ability to monitor large areas with fewer cameras compared to traditional CCTV systems. This reduces installation and maintenance costs while maintaining comprehensive surveillance. It is also important to note that this technology can be integrated with other security systems, such as access control or alarm systems, further enhancing overall security effectiveness.

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Why Choose ACCL for Thermal Imaging CCTV Security Camera Installation?

ACCL’s team consists of seasoned experts in the fields of cabling, security solutions implementation, and thermal imaging CCTV security cameras installation. We have more than 25 years of experience in these fields, and our highly trained and skilled engineers and technicians can handle projects of any size and level of complexity.


We take the time to assess your business’s unique needs and create a customised design and installation plan to meet your requirements and expectations. Our team of Thermal Imaging CCTV Security camera experts in London will recommend more cost-effective solutions where appropriate to assist you in staying in line with your budget and endure you get the best possible value from your security systems.

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Why Do You Need Thermal Imaging CCTV Cameras in Your London Offices?

A CCTV system is a must-have security component for any London premises, but it may not be enough to provide complete and comprehensive security. This is where thermal imaging cameras come in. 


These cameras can capture high quality footage even in the darkest of environments, helping you to close any existing security gaps on your property and survey your premises effectively at all times. 


These are the benefits of an ACCL thermal imaging CCTV security camera installation:

Cost Effective and Practically Effective

Thermographic cameras, or thermal imaging cameras, provide a cost-effective technology that works in all settings, even when the lighting is poor, or the weather is sub-optimal or extreme. These cameras work by illuminating invisible heat radiation given off by certain objects, including people, even in the darkest of settings.


The vision of a regular camera can easily be restricted by certain elements that block reflected light. In contrast, thermal imaging cameras can see straight through those elements and provide clear footage of heat signatures.

Fewer False Alarms

Thermal CCTV camera sensors significantly diminish the number of false alarms usually associated with the use of regular CCTV cameras. The thermal heat sensor is excellent at differentiating between actual threats and intruders and shadows or other non-threatening objects.

Powerful AI Software

A thermal imaging camera is more than just its sensor. One of the best aspects of this security solution is the connection between the camera itself and its artificial intelligence system that can analyse all images and pinpoint exactly what the camera has detected. 


As AI technology becomes more advanced, thermal imaging CCTV security cameras are becoming exponentially more effective – and increasingly popular among business owners.

Multiple Applications

Your thermal imaging CCTV security camera installation can be used for so much more than detecting intruders. You can use it to assess your building’s insulation, identify roof and insulation leaks, pinpoint locations of heat loss and pipes, and even conduct electrical audits. These cameras can even be used to locate pest infestations and electrical faults in your building.

Our primary goal at ACCL is to provide you with the best security systems in line with your needs, without disrupting your business during the installation process. We have developed a unique installation method that can be customised according to your requirements.

Free Consultation

Each of our projects starts with a free, no obligations consultation during which we will take the time to discuss your business’s needs and challenges with you.

Thermal Imaging Camera Recommendations

Our team of seasoned experts will advise you on the best thermal imaging cameras and systems for your needs, based on the results of your free consultation and your budget.

Installation and Integration

The team will then perform your thermal imaging CCTV security cameras installation at the time of your choice and integrate the new cameras with your existing security systems.

Support and Testing

After installation is complete, we will thoroughly test your new thermal imaging cameras to ensure that they are working optimally. We also provide post-installation support to answer all your questions and address your additional requests.

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Thermal Imaging CCTV Security Cameras FAQs

Unlike a traditional camera that uses visible light to form an image, a thermal imaging camera uses infra-red radiation to create images.

These cameras are a great addition to existing CCTV systems and security systems, especially when positioned in darker areas of your building. They can also be used to provide additional security at night.

Thermal imaging cameras cannot pick up moisture and water leaks in walls. However, they can detect subtle temperature patterns and differences that could identify the presence of water where it should not be.

No. Most walls are thick enough and insulated enough to block infra-red radiation on the other side of them.

A thermal picture is actually a visual map of different temperatures captured in a frame. Warmer temperatures are portrayed by warmer colours like red, orange, and yellow, and cooler temperatures are portrayed by cooler colours like purple, blue and green.

Thermal cameras can detect a wide range of objects, including anything that gives off a heat signature. This includes people and animals, insulation systems, water leaks, air leaks, stud locations, electrical hot spots, certain pieces of equipment and technology, and more.

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ACCL’s team is experienced in installing thermal imaging CCTV security cameras, and is ready and waiting to design, install and set up your new system. Contact us today to find out more about our thermal imaging camera installation services.

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