Certified Engineers Providing Network Cabling Support

ACCL provide network based engineering support to the UK’s SME and corporate sectors. As an organisation we pride ourselves on working closely with clients to deliver the perfect solution. Our track record in the provision of technological support is unrivalled.

  • ACCL Data Cabling Installation Data Cabling

    Do you need a data cabling company with experience installing data network solutions?

  • ACCL Fibre Optic Installation Fibre Optic Installation

    ACCL is an expert fibre optic installations company, contact us today for help with fibre.

  • ACCL Emergency Network, Data Cabling and Fibre Optic Reponse Service Emergency Repair

    If you have a network emergency, be it damaged data cables or fibre optics, ACCL can help.

  • Office Cabling, moves, changes, relocation. Data Network Relacations and Expansions. Office Cabling Moves & Changes

    Looking for office cabling? Need network relocations or network expansions? Get in touch!

  • Office Wireless Networks (WIFI) from ACCL Wireless Networks

    Commercial wireless network (Wifi) installations are a core service provided by ACCL.

  • Free Space Optics, Laser Links Free Space Optics, Laser Links

    ACCL are the UK's premiere supplier and installer of free space optics (laser) data links.

  • Data Network Maintencance and Servicing from ACCL Network Maintenance

    Keep your network maintained by industry leading specialists, we can help.

  • Under Desk Cable Management, an exciting new service from ACCL Under Desk Cable Management

    Office and desk moves are often carried out with little consideration for the numerous data and power cables

  • 25 year manufacturers warranty on all installations
  • 5 year company guarantee
  • All category cable installed
  • Voice over IP solutions
  • Fully compliant to industry standards
  • Free network health checks
  • Standard compliant testing
  • Fully qualified staff
  • Comprehensive insurance cover
  • Hold ISO – 9001, 18001, 14001 accreditation

Providing Network Cabling Services

Welcome to Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL), a leading supplier of network cabling and telecom solutions.

ACCL’s vision is to support corporate ventures throughout inner London and the surrounding regions. By carrying out all tasks effectively, business profitability and growth is being supported by technological enhancements.

ACCL are pioneers in the delivery of effective solutions, from complex networking cabling installation tasks, to the fitting and optimisation of Laser Link technology. As an organisation ACCL invest heavily in highly skilled technicians, this ensures the company meets clients demands. Internally, regular training is carried out to ensure all employees are fully conversant with Health and Safety regulations.

ACCL has supplied IT related services to the industrial, corporate and domestic markets for over 25 years. During this time businesses that empowered ACCL did so in the knowledge a first class service was provided. When problems arise they require effective solutions, actions that will rectify a situation as quickly as possible. Down-time in the corporate environment is costly; the aim is to keep this to a minimum.

As demand for increased bandwidth continues, we are seeing a large migration from copper data cabling solutions to fibre optic. We expect this trend to continue well into the future. Our R&D Department is constantly looking at ways fibre optic cabling can be deployed. The Groups’ Managing Director, Wayne Connors drives the business from the front line, his vast experience, motivation and vision has seen a small networking installation business grow into a successful IT infrastructure support venture.

Maintaining a strong reputation is key to longevity and future success, this can only be achieved by providing the best technical support money can buy. ACCL’s technicians are tasked with reducing quotes, whilst providing improvements to the initial requirement. This is generally achieved through vast experience and technical understanding.

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  • Wayne continues to excel and is a valued provider of all our structure cabling solutions. Whether your requirement is fibre, copper or a turn key network solution, ACCL knows what they are talking about. Their project management is end-to-end and their knowledge vast. Wayne was an integral part commissioned our new state of the art Sports Science & Medical Training facility including a site wide Wi-Fi solution. I highly recommend ACCL

    Matthew Reynolds


    Southampton FC
  • Just wanted to let you know Janine was thrilled with the work, I can’t thank you enough, it’s great to work with such a reliable company like yourselves.

    Kindest Regards


  • Thank you for the report and test sheets for the 2 fibre cables that you terminated. I would also like to say what a thoroughly good experience it has been working with you. Your company has been incredible helpful and professional throughout and I will be forwarding your name to all the teams I work with within Southern Water

    Mark Collins

    Multiform Technologies Ltd
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