Under Desk Cable Management Services

The ACCLS team of experts understand that under desk cable management services provide significant importance and value for businesses by ensuring a clean, organised, and efficient workspace. 


Effective cable management enhances the overall look and feel of any office environment, creating a clutter-free and professional appearance. However this goes beyond appearance. Under desk cable management improves functionality and safety across any business or space. 


Cables that are properly managed and secured under desks reduce the risk of tripping hazards, accidental disconnections, or damage to cables. By preventing cable tangling and entanglement, under desk cable management services facilitate easier access to power and data connections, saving time and effort when setting up or rearranging workstations. Essentially, investing in under desk cable management promotes a more productive and efficient work environment while reducing downtime and improving overall workplace safety.


ACCL’s expert team can help to ensure that your office is hazard-free and tidy with our under desk cable management services in London. Whether you’re relocating, upgrading, or downsizing your premises, we have you covered. We offer complete relocation services with an under desk cable tidy service to meet your business’s unique requirements.

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Why Choose ACCL for your under desk cable management services?

No modern business owner has the time to worry about keeping their under desk cable systems neat and tidy when there are more pressing responsibilities to attend to. At ACCL, our team of highly trained and skilled engineers and technicians brings more than 25 years’ worth experience to the table to provide the perfect solutions to your under desk cable management needs.


Our under desk cable management services are available to businesses and offices in London, and are designed to enhance the safety and neatness of your space while minimising accidents. We also work to improve your network’s performance in line with Leviton, Excel, Nexans, Corning and Draka certifications. We work according to your deadlines without exceeding your budget and accommodate your schedules for minimal disruptions to your business operations.

Under Desk Cable Management in London Process

ACCL has worked with hundreds of London businesses, providing professional under cable management services that are fully customised according to each organisation’s specific needs. 


Our skilled under desk cable management technicians will develop a personalised plan for your under desk cable tidy solution to provide all of the benefits you’re looking for and more.


Our under desk cable management service consists of the following processes:

Free Survey

Our team starts with a free, no obligation survey at your premises to assess your cabling and HSE compliant needs. We also provide you with a complete report of our findings and recommended solutions.

Establish Time for Your Cable Tidy

After our report has been issued, we will work with you to establish a date and time for our team to start working on your cable tidying needs. We are flexible, and ready to accommodate your schedule while disrupting your business as minimally as possible.

Completion of Cable Tidying

Our team will work hard to complete your cable tidying project by re-patching and reorganising cables, installing tidy tubes and management cable trays, and recommending optimal office furniture. We also route under-desk cables through floor cable covers for your safety.

Labelling and Colour Coding

Labelling and colour coding cables makes system management simpler. We professionally label all cables and ports installed with unique ID references to boost your office’s efficiency.

Why Do I Need Under Desk Cable Management Services?​

Under desk cable management services offer a variety of benefits to London businesses of all sizes. These include:

Reducing the likelihood of accidents

According to the HSE, over 10,000 people trip, slip or fall in offices each year in the UK alone. Installing under desk cable systems can prevent many of these accidents, helping to keep your office staff safe.

Preventing days of absenteeism and potential medical bills and fines

Work-related accidents can cost between 6 and 10 days of absenteeism per employee per year. They can also lead to hefty medical bills and fines when accidents do occur. Our work helps you to avoid these expenses.

Avoiding fire hazards

Poorly installed electrical cables can be walked over, run over by chairs, and easily damaged. This damage can lead to office fires, which can have devastating impacts on your business. Professional installation and inspection of your cabling is crucial when it comes to preventing fires.

Improving network performance

Network access and performance are affected by cable management – the better your management is, the better your network performance will be.

Preventing cables being unplugged and causing disruptions

Our under desk cable tidy service helps to minimise the risk of cables being unplugged and the business downtime that can result.

Enhancing the work environment

Using our under desk cable management services can improve the look and safety of your offices, helping to create a more professional environment overall and boosting the productivity and happiness of your team.

Improving scalability

Tidy cables position your business for optimal growth by keeping your team more productive and helping you to save costs.

Simplifying maintenance

Neat, tidy cables are easier to replace or repair when issues do arise, as everything is in order and can easily be identified by labels and colour codes.

Reducing maintenance and IT support costs

When your cables are tidy and organised, you may encounter lower maintenance and repair costs, and potentially spend less money on IT support requirements.

Contact ACCL for Your Under Desk Cable Tidy Service Needs

ACCL’s wealth of experience in cabling installations and under desk cable management services will provide you with all the resources and expertise you need to keep your cabling systems neat, safe, and orderly. Contact us about under desk cable management services and find out how we can help your business grow.

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