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Do you need a wireless site survey and WiFi installation services for your London business? ACCL assists all size businesses in ensuring their WiFi runs optimally and meets their speed, coverage, and device needs. 

Our expert team has years of experience in WiFi installations for businesses across the greater London area.


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Why Choose ACCL?

ACCL and our highly trained team have more than 25 years of experience in WiFi and cabling installations. Our skilled team of technicians will assess your business environment and identify your needs to ensure we recommend and install the best solutions.


The team will handle the entire project from design to completion and can advise you on additional services to complement our WiFi surveys, including seamless and professional WiFi installations. Our experts in the field of WiFi assessment and installation will work according to your schedule and opening hours to meet your business’s needs with minimal disruption and downtime.

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Our WiFi site survey services are completely personalised to suit your unique requirements. Instead of providing generic recommendations, we take the time to understand you on an individual level and create a WiFi survey that ensures optimal business productivity and profitability.

Free Consultation

Our surveys start with an on-site visit from our wireless network design engineers, who work hard to understand what your business needs and advise you on future-proof solutions that can scale with your organisation.

Tailored Recommendations

Once our team has performed your wireless site survey, our technicians will create a detailed report and recommendations tailored to your plans for future growth. This ensures we can provide you with the perfect price-to-performance ratio and scalability.

WiFi Installation

ACCL can provide expert WiFi installation services informed by our findings during our WiFi site survey. Installing WiFi networks in this way means that we provide systems custom-built according to your specific premises and offer exceptional functionality and reliability.

Maintenance and Support

Once we’ve installed your new WiFi system, our maintenance contracts enable us to offer continuous support to ensure that your wireless network is running properly and supporting your business for long term success.

Our Areas of Expertise

ACCL provides high quality, specialised WiFi survey services to a wide range of businesses of all sizes. Our past clients have included data centres, offices, schools, colleges, universities, venues, stadiums, industrial premises, and more.


We can design and implement the necessary actions in line with the findings of our WiFi surveys to create a network that meets your needs while supporting as many devices as your business and employees require.

Why Do You Need a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

WiFi is one of the most widely used connectivity systems today. Almost every London business uses a WiFi network to provide stable and reliable internet connections in offices and public spaces alike. 


Here is why you need a WiFi site survey and an expert WiFi installation from ACCL:

IoT ready

 The Internet of Things is transforming the way the world uses technology – and the way it sees connectivity. Today, our connectivity needs surpass simply connecting devices to access points. Smart devices need to be able to connect with each other, and this requires a strong and consistent WiFi connection at all times.

Ability to scale

Using a WiFi survey to properly plan the installation of your WiFi network enables your business to effortlessly scale as your operations change and grow. ACCL’s wireless survey services will allow you to effectively plan your WiFi installation and usage for years to come.

Large buildings need to be surveyed

Larger buildings understandably contain more materials, and each of these materials – brick, concrete, metal and more – can interfere with RF signals in different ways. Our skilled team can map out and factor each of these materials and their interference into your installation plan to always ensure that your network functions reliably.

Support multiple devices

The age of technology has given rise to the age of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device. More employees than ever are bringing multiple devices to the workplace every day. You need to have a WiFi site survey performed to factor in these devices along with those used in your office to ensure that your network can support them all.

Improve network security

A security WiFi survey can identify any weak points in your wireless network and inform you as to how to mitigate the risks of data leaks and breaches.

Cover outdoor spaces

 If your premises have large outdoor areas, an outdoor wireless site survey can assist you in determining the best, most cost-effective way to cover the entire space. Outdoor spaces can pose a range of challenges for WiFi installations, and other networks can also interfere with your own. Our professional wireless survey services will ensure that your outdoor network functions perfectly without interference or downtime.

Our WiFi Survey Services

Our WiFi site survey services are performed according to strict industry standards to provide you with professional guidance and recommendations. Here is how we conduct our surveys:

What Our WiFi Survey Services Focus On

Here is what we assess during our expert WiFi surveys:

WiFi Performance

We test and assess your download and upload speeds individually to ensure that every aspect of your network is functioning perfectly. ACCL’s experts can recommend the ideal WiFi standard (802-11a, 802-11b, 802-11g and 802-11n) for your business in our WiFi survey report.

Safety and Security

Our WiFi survey services offer recommendations to help you avoid workplace hazards and accidents, including trips, falls, and fire hazards for superior workplace safety and HSE compliance.

We also assess the primary security risks in your area and create installation plans to mitigate them, and can add optional security layers to any WiFi network at your request.

Purpose of the WiFi Network

We take time to assess exactly what you will be using your WiFi network for in the future, and how many users will be relying on the network.

Working with Your Space

Heat maps, environment surveys, floor plans and mobility all factor into our wireless surveys. Our heat maps assess the strength of your signal and present these findings in a colour-coded map for ease of use. Our team will assess your environment, considering other signals in the building and around it, the construction materials and furniture used, and other relevant factors.

We also assess your floor plans, as each floor of your building may have unique connectivity needs. Our reports address each floor separately to create reliable and stable network installation plans. These reports consider the mobility of employees between floors, rooms, and partitions.

Solve Your WiFi Needs with ACCL​

ACCL’s professional wireless site survey services are designed to give you all the information and recommendations you need to install the ideal WiFi system for your business’s requirements. Contact us today to speak to one of our WiFi site survey experts.

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