Security Barrier Design and Installation Services​

Security barriers and gate systems provide your premises with protection from unauthorised personnel. Plus, they improve the security of your offices, protect vehicles, and offer solutions for traffic control.

With our intelligent automated barriers, gates, bollards, and road blockers ACCL can assist London businesses of all sizes in ensuring that their parking is secured properly.

  • Tailor-made barrier and gate solutions
  • We have over 25 years of experience in endowing London companies with the

technologies they need to succeed.

  • Automated & Integrated gates and barriers
  • Tailored-made solutions depending on your needs
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Why Choose ACCL?

The ACCL team are seasoned experts in installing automated barrier and gate systems to keep your premises secure. We have over 25 years of experience in security design and installation, and our team is highly trained and skilled in providing custom-made solutions specifically for your business to meet your needs.

Our team will assess your environment and take the time to understand your needs. This ensures we can recommend the best solutions in line with your requirements and budget. Our technicians will tackle your entire project from start to finish and can provide post-installation support to help you make the most of your new security systems.

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Our security barrier design and installation services are designed according to your unique requirements and business schedule. We will work with you to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency, ensuring that you can benefit from your security systems as soon as possible. 


Our installation services include:

Free Consultation

During our free, no obligations consultations our team will meet with you to discuss your challenges and the needs of your business. We will take the time to learn exactly what you expect from your security barrier systems to align our work with your expectations.

Thorough Audit of Your Premises

Once we have completed the initial consultation, our team of highly trained technicians and engineers will perform a comprehensive audit of your premises to assess your space and recommend the best security solutions.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Next, we will design a tailor-made security solution according to your needs. Our barriers and gates are hand-picked to fit your needs and your budget, as well as allowing you to scale in the future.

Integration and Testing

We will integrate our top quality security barriers and gates with your current security systems and perform extensive testing to make sure that your new system is working as expected.

Our Areas of Expertise

ACCL provides leading automated security gates and barriers that can be used for a wide range of commercial purposes. The solutions we offer range from simple electronic sliding gates to rising bollards and road blocker systems. All of which can be integrated with our access control solutions, including CCTV, lighting, and ANPR camera hardware and software.


These solutions can also be integrated with your own security systems to ensure that all these systems communicate effectively with one another, helping to keep your premises secure in the process.

Our Types of Security Gates and Barriers

We offer our clients a wide range of security gates and barriers to meet all businesses’ needs. 

Trust ACCL with Your Security Barrier Design and Installation

ACCL offers a wealth of experience in recommending, designing, and installing expert security barrier systems for your London business. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your barrier and gate systems.

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