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An access control system refers to a security measure that regulates and manages entry to spaces within an organisation. This technology is a combination of hardware and software components used to authenticate and authorise individuals based on their credentials, such as identification cards, biometric data, or passwords. These kinds of systems are important as they have the power to enhance the overall security of your organisation by providing selective access to authorised personnel while restricting entry to unauthorised individuals. 


They are also designed to help prevent unauthorised access, protect sensitive information, and mitigate the risk of theft while maintaining a secure environment for employees, assets, and intellectual property. With the right access control systems you are able to fully monitor and track entry and exit activities, facilitating investigations and audits, and providing valuable insights for security management and incident response.


Our access control systems can also be adapted to future growth to help your business scale with ease.


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  • Increase security and safety around your premises
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ACCL’s specialised team of access control system installation experts can work on access control projects of any size or scope. Whether you need an access control system installation or access control system upgrade, or are planning on relocating your offices, or you simply wish to downsize, we can create a customised access control system plan to meet your requirements.

Why Choose ACCL for your access control system installation?

There are many reasons why hundreds of businesses in London have trusted ACCL with their access control installation needs. Our team has more than 25 years’ worth of experience in cabling and access control systems and access control installation, and our engineers and technicians are highly trained, skilled, and qualified. 

We can manage access control projects of any size or level of complexity, while working to minimise disruption and downtime during installation. If you’re looking for a solution that’s as cost effective as it is functional, we can recommend suitable options appropriate for your business and your unique operations.

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Access Control Installation

ACCL’s access control installation services enable your London business to control who can enter your facilities and offices, or other specific areas of your premises.

Here is what you can expect from our access control installation process:

Free Consultation


The first step of our process involves our team performing a free, no obligation consultation on site. We assess your business’s needs during and provide you with a report of our recommendations and findings.

Arranging a Time for System Installation

Once we have issued our report, our team will be in touch to schedule a time for access control system installation that is most convenient for you. We work around your business’s schedule to minimise the risk of disruption.

System Installation


We offer a variety of access control installation services, from single point-of-entry door controllers to sophisticated packages that monitor and cool doors in one or multiple buildings.

System Integration with CCTV, Fire and Intruder Alarms

If you require these services, our expert team can integrate your access control system with a range of alarms, as well as time and attendance packages.

Our Areas of Expertise

ACCL provides access control installations to a wide range of businesses and industries throughout London. Our services are provided to offices, venues, stadiums, and educational facilities to provide additional security.


We provide installations to nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and university campuses, all of which can benefit from access control in a number of ways. These systems provide peace of mind and security for educational staff and pupils, and can protect assets from burglary, especially when doors are fitted with access controls that manage who can enter specific areas of a facility.


Access control systems can also be used to manage the attendance and time of staff members and pupils and can help to ensure that you can monitor who requires evacuation from the building in the case of an emergency such as a fire.

What are the Different Access Control Types?

There are a few different types of access control systems, each of which offers unique advantages, disadvantages, and applications. They include:

Access Control Cards

Access control cards are a cost-effective and simple method that allows you to grant staff, contractors, and other personnel access to parts of your premises. Cards can be activated and deactivated at the touch of a button and will work for a single point-of-access system, multi-door system, or multi-site network. These cards can be branded, printed with photo IDs, and even fitted with credit card chips to facilitate transactions at vending machines.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control installation uses fingerprint or retinal readers to manage who gains access to your premises. While retina scanning is usually used for high-security facilities, fingerprint systems are more widely used. They can be applied to single point-of-access systems, multiple doors, and multiple sites. Once a user’s fingerprint is scanned, it can be used in similar ways to an access control card.


Proximity fobs enable users to open locked doors without having to present their fobs to a reader. They provide authorised personnel with access to a facility and allow them to exit and will leave an audit trail so that the movements of their users can be recorded and tracked.

Access Control Benefits

Access control systems can benefit the security of your premises in many ways. These are the key benefits of installing an access control system:

Why Choose a Paxton Net2 Access Control System?

The risks of crime, burglary and vandalism are ever-present for businesses operating in London and surrounds. Opting for a Paxton Net2 Access Control System will help you to manage all your security needs while choosing exactly who can gain access to your premises. This system is:

User friendly

The software used by the Paxton Net2 system is simple to use and comes with manuals and tutorials, minimising training requirements for administrators.


You can access this access control system straight from your personal computer, meaning that you won’t need to invest in additional technology to use the Paxton Net2 system.

Multiple operator access

You can grant multiple administrators access to the system, enabling more effective security and access control management.


 You can add more doors or fobs to the system whenever you need to.

Real-time and post-event viewing

The system enables you to view events in real time and after they occur. Paxton Net2 offers a comprehensive event viewing history and advanced reporting features.

Free upgrades

Paxton access control systems do not pose any hidden costs. You can install the software and updates on as many PCs as you wish without paying additional fees.

Customisable special events

The system enables you to set specific events during which access should be granted or denied to specific people or all personnel on site. This is ideal for organisations with longer business hours.

Temporary access possible

The Paxton Net2 Access Control System can also grant temporary access to visitors and contractors at your request.

The man installing access control system

ANPR Camera Installation Services

ACCL also provides specialised ANPR camera installation for all your access control requirements.

ANPR cameras, also known as licence plate recognition cameras or ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras, are fully equipped with specialised technology that allows them to capture images of licence plates on vehicles passing by or parked in specific locations.


The primary purpose of ANPR cameras is to automatically read and analyse licence plate numbers to gather information about vehicles, such as their registration details, owner information, and any relevant data associated with the vehicle’s licence plate. The information obtained from ANPR cameras can be used for various purposes, including law enforcement, traffic management, toll collection, parking enforcement, and tracking of stolen vehicles.

  1. Image Capture: ANPR cameras use high-resolution cameras and often infrared illumination to capture images of passing or stationary vehicles’ licence plates. The use of infrared illumination helps capture clear images even in low-light conditions.
  2. Image Pre-processing: Once the images are captured, the ANPR system processes the images to enhance their quality and extract the licence plate region from the rest of the image.
  3. Optical Character Recognition: The extracted licence plate region undergoes Optical Character Recognition, where the software analyses the characters on the licence plate to convert them into machine-readable text.
  4. Character Segmentation: Licence plates can have different numbers of characters, and the OCR software needs to identify individual characters correctly. The system uses segmentation techniques to separate the characters on the plate, making it easier to recognize them.
  5. Character Recognition: The segmented characters are then matched against a predefined character database. The database contains all possible characters that could appear on a licence plate for the specific region or country. The OCR system recognizes the characters and converts them into text.
  6. Data Processing: Once the characters are recognized, the ANPR system processes the data and retrieves information about the vehicle from the connected database, such as vehicle registration details, owner information, and any associated records.

Decision-making: The ANPR system can then perform various actions based on the results, such as sending an alert to law enforcement if a stolen vehicle is detected, logging the data for traffic management or toll collection purposes, or triggering automated actions for parking enforcement.


It’s important to note that the exact functioning of ANPR cameras can vary depending on the specific technology and the purpose they serve. Additionally, the usage of ANPR technology may be subject to various privacy and data protection regulations in different countries or jurisdictions.

Implementing ANPR cameras for access control can significantly enhance the security and efficiency of your business. ANPR cameras offer a seamless and automated approach to managing vehicle access, ensuring only authorised vehicles are granted entry. By capturing and analysing licence plate numbers, ANPR cameras eliminate the need for manual checks or access cards, reducing the risk of human errors and unauthorised access. This technology enables real-time monitoring of incoming and outgoing vehicles, allowing for swift identification of any suspicious or unauthorised vehicles, and facilitating immediate response if needed.

Let ACCL Handle Your Access Control Installation​

ACCL’s team offers a wealth of experience in installing access control systems that are customised to meet your business’s needs. Get in touch about access control installation today!

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