Fibre Optic Cable Installation​

ACCL has a wealth of expertise in cabling installation. This expertise extends to fibre optic installation for your business. Fibre optic cable installation is a highly advantageous choice for offices and businesses across London for several reasons.


Fibre optic cables transmit data using pulses of light, allowing for significantly faster data transfer rates compared to traditional copper cables. This increased speed and bandwidth enable offices to handle large volumes of data, support bandwidth-intensive applications, and facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among employees.


These cables also have a much higher capacity to carry data over long distances without experiencing signal degradation. Unlike copper cables, which are prone to interference from electrical or radio frequency sources, fibre optic cables are immune to electromagnetic interference. This means that offices with fibre optic installations can enjoy reliable and consistent network connectivity, even in environments with high electromagnetic activity or interference. Another benefit is that fibre optic technology is future-proof.  Upgrading the network infrastructure to support future technological advancements becomes simpler and more cost-effective with fibre optic cables.


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The ACCL team of fibre optic cable installation experts in London can work on projects of any size or scope, whether your business is expanding, downsizing, relocating, or simply looking to upgrade its current cabling systems to fibre optic cabling. We cater to your individual needs with a range of bespoke designs and solutions that provide you with the perfect cabling set-up for your requirements. 


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Why Choose ACCL for your Fibre Optic Cable Installation?

ACCL offers more than 25 years’ worth of experience in providing customised optic fibre cabling solutions to our clients across London. Our fibre installation process is designed to suit your specific needs, and we work with you to ensure the best possible outcome. Our team is highly skilled at providing fibre optic cabling advice and finding the ideal solutions for your business’s needs.


When it comes to our fibre installation process, our team will carefully assess your environment and understand your key needs to ensure that we recommend the best solutions. We’ll tackle the entire project from day one to completion, and can advise you on additional services to complement your fibre optic system. Furthermore, we offer maintenance contracts to ensure that your fibre optic systems last longer while providing you with maximum value and functionality.

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Fibre Optic Installation - Meeting Your Needs

Our fibre optic installation team is available to design, supply and install premium fibre cabling for your premises. We serve organisations and businesses across a wide range of industries in the London area and surrounds.


Fibre optic installation in London offers many advantages over traditional copper cables, including faster speeds, longer distances, and improved reliability. Consider fibre optic cabling with ACCL when you are planning a new network cable installation project or upgrade to your current system.

Free Consultation

Our fibre optic installation process starts with a completely free consultation. This allows us to assess what your business needs and recommend future-proof solutions.

Network Design

ACCL offers a flexible network design service that has been optimised to suit any business size, from start-ups to large corporations.


Not only does ACCL handle the entire fibre optic installation process, but our team can also perform fibre termination, repairs, and fusion splicing services, depending on your needs.


Once we have installed your new system, we conduct a series of thorough tests to ensure optimal functionality and performance.

Maintenance and support

ACCL’s maintenance contracts provide you with continuous support to ensure that your fibre network serves you well for as long as possible.

Our Fibre Optic Installation Areas of Expertise

ACCL provides fibre optic cable networks for a variety of different building types, from data centres and offices to universities, listed buildings, retail facilities, and even football stadiums.


We have also provided fibre optic installation services to the food and transport industries to ensure our clients have access to fast, reliable internet and durable cabling systems that maximise their returns on their investments.

Types of Fibre Optic Cabling

Every company and organisation we serve has different needs, and we use a range of different fibre optic cabling types to best meet these needs.

Our Fibre Optic Services

ACCL’s team has a wealth of expertise in fibre optic installation. We handle every step of your project, from the selection, consultation and design processes to the installation and implementation of your new system of choice.

Our team can perform fusion splicing, fibre termination, repairs, maintenance and support, and testing at your request to help you obtain the most value out of your fibre optic network. We also specialise in a variety of fibre optic cable installations, including plastic optical fibres, pre-terminated fibre optic cabling, dark fibre services, emergency fibre optic cable repairs, and installing fibre optic connectors and air blown fibre cables.

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Fibre Optic Termination Services

ACCL offers two types of fibre optic termination services: direct termination, in which core strands are fitted to connectors and chemically fused into position, and fusion splicing, in which a manufacturer’s terminated length of fibre is fused to the main cable. Our team can carry out your fibre optic termination project in just 24-48 hours.

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Fibre Optic Repair Service

Our fibre optic repair service team can detect damage quickly and efficiently and perform repairs immediately to get your system back up and running. We use cutting edge equipment to re-join broke fibres, connect two or more cores through patch cabinets, extend cable runs and more using the latest fusion splicing techniques.

A man testing cables in data cabinet


Testing your cables is the most important part of any fibre optic installation project. Doing so ensures that our work will be fully capable of supporting your business’s needs. Our technicians use calibrated Optical Time Domain Reflectometers to test each fibre core in both directions and at all wavelengths. We also provide you with a report that documents all traces for future reference.

Fibre Optic Cable Installation in Schools

Fibre optic networks have made a significant impact on the business world, as these networks make way for faster data transmission. With this in mind, schools and educational institutions have started understanding the enormous benefits that come with the setting up of fibre optic networks within their large buildings. Fibre optic cables in schools allow for greater security and communication within the school environment but also provides students with new ways of learning. 

There are a multitude of benefits that come with fibre optic school installation technology. Fibre optic installation in schools ensures greater access to information, allows teachers to use videos in their classrooms with ease and this kind of technology has the power to prevent outside access to a school network – making for a safer environment. Essentially, fibre in schools is the ultimate educational tool.

ACCL has been offering fibre optic cable installation solutions for over 25 years in London and related areas. We are proud to provide advanced fibre optic cable installation services to all industries, including the education sector. Contact our team of experts today and invest in the best fibre broadband for schools, today. 

Benefits of Fibre Optic

Fibre optics provide a range of advantages that other cabling systems like traditional copper cables do not. This makes fibre optic installation an optimal choice for any organisation that’s planning an upgrade in the near future.

Fibre optic installations offer:

Faster speeds

Fibre optic cables have cores that carry light to transmit data and can carry signals at speeds only 30% slower than the speed of light. They also limit signal degradation, making them ideal for businesses that handle large volumes of data.

Longer distances

Fibre optic networks can carry signals far further than copper cabling systems, depending on the cable type, wavelength, and network. Some fibre optic installations can send data up to 40km without degradation.

Greater Bandwidth

Fibre optic cables offer more bandwidth than copper cables of the same diameter and can thus carry more data. Single-mode fibre delivers up to double the throughput of multi-mode fibre.

More reliable

Fibre cables are less susceptible to weather conditions, moisture, temperature changes and electromagnetic interference than their copper counterparts. They also do not pose fire hazards.

More durable

Compared to copper cabling, fibre optic cables are lighter in weight and thinner, more resistant to pull pressure, and less prone to breakage and damage.

Lower total cost of ownership

While fibre optic cables have a higher initial installation cost than copper, their durability can lower your cost of ownership considerably over time. Fibre optics are more cost-effective to maintain and require less hardware than copper cables.

Get the Right Fibre Optic Installation for Your Needs

With over 25 years of experience in efficient cable installations, you can trust ACCL with all your fibre optic cable installations. Contact us today to speak to one of our fibre optic experts.

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