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ACCL’s expert team takes on projects of all scopes and sizes. Regardless of whether your business is relocating, expanding, or downsizing, or you’re looking to upgrade your building’s connection system, no project is too large or too small. We offer bespoke solutions to cater to your specific needs.


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Why Choose ACCL?

The ACCL Guarantee ensures you will receive a customised free to air installation solution that meets your business’s unique requirements. 


Our team has over 20 years of experience in cabling designs, implementations, and installations. Our highly trained and skilled engineers and technicians can assist you with anything you need within the scope of your project, including expert FSO installation advice. We also offer prompt support services. When you call on us, we’ll be there to fix the problem and have you back up and running within 24 hours.


Additionally, we offer cost-effective solutions that align with your budget and future growth projections. This ensures you get the maximum possible value out of your free to air installation.

FSO laser links process

ACCL can assist you in choosing the best free to air connection for your business. FSO, or free space optics, laser link is a high-tech communication system in which data is transmitted between two buildings via laser lights. This technology is similar to fibre optics as it uses light to transmit data. However, in the case of FSO, the laser signals are transmitted by air instead of using cables.

We offer the following FSO laser links services for your convenience:

Connect data cables

Our team will connect your data cables of choice to your network or communications room to get your free to air installation up and running.

Test cables

We use state of the art equipment and the latest FSO testing technologies to thoroughly test your cables and ensure they’re working optimally.

Mount laser heads

Our next step is to mount high quality laser heads in a predetermined position to give you access to high speed network connections.

Align laser heads

Our team aligns your new laser heads with precision and locks them down to provide a durable solution for your business.

Test data packets

Finally, we thoroughly test data packets to assess the speed and efficiency of your free to air installation before the project concludes.

Which Type of Free-to-Air Connection
Does Your Business Need?

There are many different connection systems that will provide your business with the speeds and reliability it needs to thrive. Contact us and we’ll offer expert advice on which connection will suit your organisation best.

FSO (Free Space Optics) Laser Link

Free Space Optics laser link is a modern communication system that uses laser lights to transmit data between premises. It works similarly to fibre optic connections, but does not use cables, making it more cost-effective in many instances. 


For your business to use free space optics installation systems between two London buildings, you will need to have a clear line of sight between each optics unit installed. There should be nothing obstructing the transceiver units, including buildings or trees, for optimal results and functionality.


FSO laser links offer:

Excellent replacement for leased lines

FSO installations are ideal replacements for leased lines, as they do not require cables, thus lowering the costs of establishing a reliable connection for your premises.

Cost effective compared to fibre

Laser links are an ideal option if you are looking for the reliability and stability of fibre connections without the associated expenses.

High bandwidths

Free Space Optics laser links offer exceptional bandwidths of up to 10GB, which will serve businesses of nearly all scopes and sizes.

Licence free solution

You will not need to acquire a license for your FSO installation, which means less paperwork and costs for you.

Quick deployment

Your free space optic solution can be implemented and finalised in less than a day, giving you access to high speed connections without the wait.

Immune to interference and wireless

Laser links are completely wireless, and are not affected by most forms of interference, making them highly stable and reliable under the right circumstances.

More affordable than leased lines

FSO installations are much more cost-effective than leased lines, especially for businesses located in central London.

Ideal in industrial environments where high noise levels can cause interference

Many connection systems can be affected by high levels of noise. FSO is not, making it ideal for use in factories and industrial environments.

Systems can be monitored at all times with Windows software

All units installed by ACCL are accompanies by user-friendly Windows software, enabling your network managers to monitor your new system on demand. Our support team is also available whenever you need additional assistance.

view from the bottom of the tower

Microwave Wireless Bridge

Microwave wireless bridge links are an affordable way to enable two or more London buildings to share an Internet or Ethernet connection. Sharing a network between your office buildings helps to minimise costs, make telephone calls between premises in close proximity, and view media files simultaneously, even if the viewers are in different buildings. 


Microwave links are:


You only need to pay for a single Internet access point when establishing a microwave links system.


Having only one Ethernet connection and LAN for your entire business can simplify your network maintenance needs and the associated expenses.


Microwave wireless bridge connections can penetrate walls within buildings, providing stable connections for all your team members.

Easy Installation

Microwave RF links are easy to install and can be up and running in a matter of hours for your convenience.

No more cables

This type of connection eliminates the need for complicated and costly wires and cables.

Wireless Radio Frequency Links

Wireless radio frequency solutions are ideal for building-to-building connectivity over shorter distances. If your premises in London are relatively close together, this connection solution may be just what you need. 

If your buildings are further apart and don’t share a line of sight, microwave links may better suit your needs. ACCL uses state of the art equipment for our wireless radio frequency links FSO installation projects.


The benefits of wireless radio frequency links include:



Wireless radio frequency connections are available in multiple frequency bands, including 2.4, 5.4, and 5.8GHz.

Powerful capacity

Our wireless radio solutions offer a high capacity and spectrum efficiency of up to 300Mbps to give your business the reliable connection it needs.


Our installations include 5/10/20/40 MHz selectable channels for reduced interference and optimal functionality.

Long-range backhauls

This type of connection offers long-range backhauls that can reach distances of more than 60km.

Let the Experts Handle Your Free to Air Installation

ACCL has a wealth of experience and expertise in free space optics installation.


Contact us today about free to air installations and discover how we can provide lasting, durable, and cost-effective connections for your company.

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