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ACCL assists homeowners in the London area with smart home automation technology installations to improve their security and intelligence systems. 

The home automation systems we install are custom-made to fit your specific needs and security requirements. With smart systems installed by our skilled and highly trained technicians, you’ll have complete control from inside your home or remotely.


  • 25 years of experience in home automation solutions
  • Save money without compromising on comfort
  • Full control at your fingertips
  • Improved security through smart lock technology
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Why Choose ACCL?

ACCL has more than 25 years of experience in providing home automation system installation services and other premium cabling services to businesses in London. Our team will assess your current home layout and identify your needs to ensure that we can recommend the best solution for you.


The team will then use our findings to tackle the entire project, from day one to completion, to provide you with tailor-made security installation services that fit your needs. We also provide continuous support, even after your project is completed to ensure that your home automation system always operates in line with your expectations.

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Free Consultation

We start with a free, no obligation consultation at your site, during which our network design engineers assess your current systems and the layout of your home. This enables us to understand exactly what your home needs and to recommend future-proofed solutions.

Sending the Best Experts

We send the best, most highly trained home automation installation experts to install your new home automation system, ensuring that your new system always meets your needs.

Ongoing Support

We provide support to homeowners at every stage of the installation process, and after the installation too. 

Our Areas of Expertise

ACCL provides high-quality, durable and capable home automation system installations to every homeowner in London, regardless of the size of their home. Our systems are custom-built and installed according to each client’s specific needs to provide superior functionality and reliability.

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Why Do You Need a Smart Home Automation System?

Home automation system installations have become a must-have for London homeowners in 2022. They are used as home cinemas, audio visual systems, smart lighting systems, home security systems, and much more, depending on the needs of each homeowner and their family. 

Working with a skilled home automation company will grant you access to a tailor-made system that meets your expectations and can easily be upgraded as and when you require it. Here is why you should choose a home automation system.

Save Energy

Home automation systems can control a range of devices and appliances in your home, distributing power according to general levels of consumption or priorities. These systems ensure that usage never surpasses supply, while giving you full control over how power is distributed in your home.

Save Money

Smart home systems allow you to use energy when it is most cost-effective, or when you get the highest output from renewable energy sources. For instance, you could use yours to set your air conditioning unit to cycle air once the right temperature has been reached, lowering your energy consumption and saving you money in the process.

Take Your Entertainment to the Next Level

A smart home cinema can transform your living space into a captivating cinema enhanced by the latest audio-visual capabilities. Home automation systems allow you to control the entertainment or music in every room of your home, either remotely or in person.

Make Comfort a Priority

Your home automation system can allow you to control your home lights, air conditioners and heaters from a distance, monitor the security of your home, and even enjoy small luxuries, like switching on your coffee machine with the touch of a button and a convenient timer to boot.

Improve Security

A smart home automation system makes it easy to monitor the safety of your home and see what goes on in and around it, regardless of where you may be. Disable and set alarms from a distance or survey your CCTV system with just a few taps of your finger.

What We Can Provide for Your Home

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Why Choose ACCL for Home Automation System Installation?

ACCL is a trusted smart home installation provider that has been helping London homeowners choose and install cutting-edge automation technology for over 25 years. Our services offer:

Customised quality

We create customised solutions for each of our clients with the help of our highly skilled engineers.

Budget-friendly solutions

We create personalised home automation projects and complete installations in line with your budget and specific needs. There are many different home automation systems available so the price ranges vary considerably, but we will always recommend affordable solutions to ensure that you enjoy the best value for money.


We always put the safety and security of our clients first and have prioritised this throughout our history of installing access control and CCTV systems. Our staff undergo regular safety and security training, and all our tools and equipment are certified and up to code to offer you unparalleled security when you need it.

Complete home automation solutions

Our team will do more than simply install your smart home devices and systems. We will also advise you on finding the solutions that best meet your needs, design your system for you, install it, and even maintain it at your request. All you’ll need to do is enjoy its many awesome features!

Scalable systems

 Our home automation systems are always designed with scalability and the future in mind. Our solutions are future-proof and easy to scale and upgrade or downgrade should your requirements change over time.

Contact ACCL for Your Home Automation Needs

ACCL is London’s most trusted provider of home automation system installation services. Our team of experts will design and install the perfect system to meet your needs and transform your home. Contact us today to speak to one of our home automation experts.

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