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ACCL can provide automatic number plate recognition camera installation services to suit both simple and complex needs. We can assist with projects of any size, and can work with businesses of all sizes, scopes and industries to provide top-quality ANPR camera installation services.


  • 25 years of experience in home automation solutions
  • Multi-site access control
  • Full integration with other CCTV, Access Control, Fire and Intruder alarm systems
  • Intelligent number plate recognition, even when dark
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Why Choose ACCL?

ACCL’s expert team have over 25 years of experience in providing cabling, WiFi, and ANPR camera installation services to businesses and individuals in the London area. Our team will tackle your entire project from day one to completion and can offer continuous support throughout. We even offer support once it has been completed, helping you to gain the most value possible from your new system.


From software to hardware, ACCL provides complete, functional and tailor-made solutions that will enhance your current security systems and keep your London offices or premises safe. Our skilled technicians and engineers will work closely with you to minimise downtime while maximising efficiency.

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We enable a wide range of devices, from computers to automatic number plate recognition systems, to communicate with each other through our expert ANPR camera installation services. 


We also provide turnkey services, including hardware, software and connected networks, to support your system and assist it in running optimally. 

Here is what our ANPR camera installation process includes:

Free Consultation

Our team will perform a free, no obligations consultation to understand exactly what your business needs and advise you on cost-effective and future proof solutions.

Designing a Tailored Package

ACCL offers plenty of expertise in providing ANPR solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Once we have assessed these needs, we will create a customised solution and installation plan for you.

Full Integration with Existing Security Systems

Next, our team will integrate your new ANPR cameras with your existing security systems and CCTV networks to ensure that all these systems work in tandem with each other to enhance the security of your premises.

Our Areas of Expertise

ACCL provides high-quality, durable and reliable ANPR camera equipment that will always perform according to your standards and expectations. Our team is trained and skilled at installing this equipment in a way that allows it to communicate with your existing security systems and improve the safety of your premises.


The ACCL team takes ownership of your entire project, from the site audit to the installation of your cameras, setting up the required software, and providing support and maintenance once your new automatic number plate recognition system is in place.

Our ANPR Camera Solutions

We offer a range of ANPR solutions that can open single car park barriers or control multiple access points and enable you to restrict access according to time and location, as you see fit. We can even provide charging and penalty charging solutions at your request. Our solutions offer:

Suitability for basic AND complex needs

Whether you need a simple solution or one that enables full-premises control, we can provide all the equipment you need to implement security solutions that suit your business and keep your premises secure.

Intelligent alerts when a car space is available or taken

We can incorporate counters to alert you when space is available in one car park or not available in another, and to alert you when a car park is full and additional parking must be made available. These alerts can also inform you if a contractor or guest has overstayed a specific time allocation.

Alerts are sent when a car plate number is obscured

If a suspicious vehicle arrives at your premises with an obscured number plate, our systems will notify you so that a security professional can assess the situation and provide further recommendations.

Site access control from a single central monitoring station

 Our ANPR configurations can be easily integrated with access control systems, fire and intruder alarms, and CCTV systems, as well as time and attendance packages, giving you the power over who enters your site and when.

Integration with existing CCTVs

We can link your ANPR camera installation with your existing CCTV cameras and screens, enabling you to identify license plates with ease and grant or deny access to your premises accordingly.


An ANPR system uses cameras to capture high definition footage of vehicles and their license plates, with the help of extra illumination at night. The system then uses character recognition software, a form of artificial intelligence, to compare each license plate to a database and automatically grant or deny a vehicle’s entry into a premises. 

Some systems use charging and penalty models, which require integration with a payment system or an interface with DVLA to facilitate payments. All these systems allow users to integrate them with HR systems and to add guests, employees and contractors to the database and remove them as needed. ACCL can provide advice on each of these ANPR solutions.

An ANPR camera will take an image of a vehicle license plate, and then pass this image to a reader, which identifies the VRM and reads all the characters and letters so that they can be identified using software called Optical Character Recognition, or OCR. The image of the number plate is then saved and checked against a database to determine whether the vehicle should be granted entry. 

Automatic number plate recognition cameras check every vehicle that passes through a specific area or range. Most systems, including those offered by ACCL, can capture square, rectangular, borderless and inverse license plates to ensure that every plate is checked and verified against a location’s database.

As well as assessing number plates, ANPR cameras also check factors like car park flux, car parking space available, car parking space taken, and even how long a vehicle has been occupying a given space.

ANPR cameras need an additional light source at night to capture high quality footage of vehicle license plates.

Yes! If you require a charging or penalty model, ACCL will integrate your system with a payment system or DVLA interface to meet your needs.

Yes, ANPR cameras can be completely integrated with access control systems, doors, gates, CCTV networks, stand-alone databases, and existing HR systems for your convenience.

Let ACCL Meet Your ANPR Camera Installation Needs

ACCL uses only the best automatic number plate recognition equipment and the most highly skilled installation professionals to provide you with services that you can trust. Contact us today to speak to one of our ANPR camera experts.

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