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    Customized Thermal Imaging Camera System Installation Services in London 

    Want to upgrade the security of your London commercial or residential building? Then you are in the right place! A thermal camera system can complement your usual CCTV system and add a new layer of protection to your premises. More importantly, as the world struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, thermal imaging cameras can be an extremely valuable ally. They are more accurate than contactless thermometers in detecting body core temperature.


    At ACCL, we have spent decades helping organisations with all their security needs. From a basic CCTV system and access control configuration to top-performing night vision cameras, we can help with the design, installation, and maintenance of security systems. Learn more about our CCTV installation services in London.


    Why Do You Need Thermal Imaging in London? 


    Isn’t a CCTV system enough? Do you really need to add heat cameras to your security arsenal?


    You probably do – and it’s not just for the usual security reasons you may think of.


    First off, let’s take a close look at how thermal vision works.


    Thermographic cameras are a cost-effective technology that will work even with poor lighting and in the worst possible weather conditions.

    Heat sensor cameras essentially work by illuminating the otherwise invisible heat radiation given off by any object. The fact that they can do that even in the darkest of settings is what makes this security solution ideal for any environment and what makes thermal imaging cameras so popular in the UK.


    Regular cameras’ vision may be easily restricted by certain elements that can block the reflected light. Heat detector cameras, on the other hand, can see right through those objects because they pick up their sources of heat, not their reflections.


    Another key benefit of thermal CCTV camera sensors is that they greatly diminish the number of false alarms that are typically associated with regular cameras. Their thermal sensor is a great differentiator between actual dangers and shadows.


    But there’s more to a thermal imaging camera than its sensor. What makes this solution so powerful is the connection between the camera and an AI-based system that can analyse the images it receives and pinpoint exactly what the camera has picked up.


    As AI technology advances, thermal imaging CCTV security cameras become more and more effective and more and more sought after.


    Want to leverage the benefits of thermographic imaging camera and keep your building safe irrespective of the time of day and weather conditions?

    thermal imaging camera cctv footage

    How Can a Thermal Imaging CCTV System Help You?

    The best-known benefit of thermal image cameras or infrared cameras is their ability to function in low-light scenarios. While that is certainly a major plus, there are other lesser-known scenarios related to safety and security where thermal imaging camera systems are the best solution:

    • Detect body temperature easily and accurately. The easiest way to prevent the spread of viruses and the illnesses they cause (like COVID-19). Thermal imaging cameras are already used by giants like Amazon and by airports all over the world to ensure a safe environment and to quickly detect any potential virus carriers.
    • Assess the insulation of a building: a thermal imaging camera system can easily detect heat that gets lost through walls, windows, or doors.


    Learn more here: How can a thermal camera detect differences in temperature

    • Pinpoint the exact location of pipes.
    • Conduct a thorough energy auditing.
    • Find electrical wire connections – useful especially in buildings where the current owner/occupant doesn’t have access to the initial plans.
    • Pinpoint electrical faults: through thermal imaging, you can quickly identify electrical faults like overheated or overloaded circuits and even a motor bearing that failed. Identifying these issues in time, before they harm the building occupants is crucial.
    • Catch any pest infestations quickly before they cause serious issues: perfect for supermarkets and warehouses, the usual magnets for various types of pests.
    • Quickly identify roof leaks and/or air leaks and insulation gaps.


    The security applications of a thermal imaging CCTV camera system are endless. Our recommendation is to combine regular CCTV with thermal cameras for a well-rounded, all-encompassing security solution that is reliable irrespective of the time of day and the weather conditions.


    How Does the Thermal Imaging Camera System Installation Process Go?


    At ACCL, our number one goal is to offer you the best security system with minimal business interruptions. We have developed a proprietary installation process that can be easily customized according to your needs:


    Step 1: Get in touch with us to schedule a FREE, no-obligations on-site survey. We’ll pick a day that is convenient for you and, if possible, we will conduct the audit outside of your usual business hours.


    Step 2: You receive a full report created by our experts, along with our recommendations for the best thermal imaging system to answer your needs.


    Step 3: We find the ideal day to install the thermal imaging camera system in your London building.


    Step 4: We heavily test the system to make sure it runs perfectly and we coach you and your team on how to make the most of it.


    That’s it! Your security system is now upgraded with minimal disruptions!


    Why Choose ACCL for the Installation of Your Night Vision Camera System?


    How can you choose the best thermal imaging camera company? After more than two decades in this field, our top advice is to start by looking at clients’ testimonials. You don’t want any thermal camera, just as you don’t want a company that sets them and forgets about you. Proper training and maintenance are just as important as a flawless thermal camera installation process.


    When you work with ACCL, you enjoy:


    • Top technology from the best thermal imagining camera producers in the world. ACCL has built strong partnerships with suppliers in this field, so you can always have your top pick at cutting-edge technology.
    • A team of experienced engineers and technicians. Our staff undergoes continuous training, so they are always up to date with the most recent technology developments and installation standards.
    • Budget-friendly solutions. If a more affordable solution can be applied without compromising the quality of our work, we will always recommend that first.
    • Flexibility: we know that your business can suffer during complicated installation processes. So we’ll always strive to keep disruptions to a minimum and work outside your usual business hours, if possible.
    • Flexibility: one of the main reasons why we are London’s preferred security systems installers is our flexibility. We take any project seriously, whether it’s for a huge stadium or a small bootstrapping start-up.

    As the client I can only say thanks and its an amazing piece of work by all involved. Believe me that the work to coordinate this work around other issues was challenging but Wayne and ACCL were great.

    TUI / Scott Ronan

    I have had the pleasure of asking Wayne and team for advice and guidance over a number of years, and have always felt assured that all advice I have received was totally unbiased and 100% accurate.

    Ntegra Ltd / Grant Ward, Test Manager

    The Engineers were helpful and patient. They did anything and everything that was asked of them. Thanks for a very good first job.

    Leagas Delaney / Alfred Place, London

    The Engineers were punctual and courteous whilst on site. They worked professionally, always being aware of the needs of the other tradesman who were also working on this project. They were sympathetic to the needs of the school and we are very satisfied with the overall installation.

    Bishopshalt School / Evelyn Nolan

    Another professional installation by ACCL, on time and in budget!

    Bank of New York / Alan Hawley, President of IT Infrastructure

    All the people involved were extremely helpful at all times. All performed equally well in a fast-track project and responded quickly to any changes in requirements.

    Barnhill Community High / Sunil Kubavat, Head of IT
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