London’s Emergency Network Health Check Service

If your organisation relies heavily on an IT network, the chances are you’re operating in an unsafe environment. We live and work in a risk adverse society, one where emergencies only happen to other people or so we think. When was the last time you contemplated a network health check?

If a network goes into meltdown it can cause untold problems for an organisation, for many their business would fail to operate. Often these things happen when we least expect them.

So what would you do if your network collapsed?

Pick up the phone and call an engineer?

If you’re lucky you will be back up and running within one week.

Now this is not an ideal solution for most businesses.

ACCL are the only company in the London District that offers 24 hour emergency network support. Our packages guarantee to get a network up and running as soon as possible, generally speaking within a 24 hour period.

Our support contracts are inexpensive and offer total reassurance to all our policy holders. Our contracts should be viewed in the same light as traditional insurance policies, they are that important.

Our policy is not solely based around emergency actions. We also carry out regular maintenance and network health checks. Preventative maintenance is a proven cost saving exercise.

The network tools used by ACCL to produce a report on the health of a network will highlight any areas of concern and provide positive suggestions on how they can be addressed.

Our checks are performed without any disruption to a network.

If your network is important to the smooth running of your organisation you need to pick up the phone and call 0333 9000101 today. Our representatives will be only too happy to answer any questions you may have on network health checks or emergency call out services.

The result of a health check at Southampton Football Club

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