Case Study:

Security & Data cabling solutions for a Medical company


Our client is a large private health care provider based in London.  The client is growing and needed to move into a larger head office and open two new state-of -the-art clinics.

They had an existing access control system and network hardware that we needed to replicate and integrate as much as possible and expand where needed.


We received an initial brief of requirements and proposed our solution.  We spoke with the key stakeholders to ensure we fully understood their requirements and worked with them to explain options to provide solutions.  We detailed the pros and cons of various scenarios.  This allowed our client to make informed decisions about the security of each site, and modify each site slightly to deliver the best outcome. 

The works for all three sites were extensive and multiple contractors were tasked with delivering the complete solution.  Working as one of the many sub-contractors meant that we needed to be structured while also being agile in our approach to delivery. 

CCTV dome camera installed at Medical company office


The client was open to our suggestions to improve on initial designs.  We worked closely with them and the design team to deliver the outcomes they required.  This included the exact camera locations based on the operational requirements of the site.  Security of each site was paramount for many reasons – data protection, personal privacy of staff and clients and control of medications.  ACCL used a combination of CCTV and Access Control systems to provide the required levels of security while maintaining appropriate levels of privacy.   


Throughout the process ACCL considered the access requirements for mobility impaired clients and staff – designing solutions from the outset with this important compliance in mind has ensured proper access for all users.  Simple things like considering the use of a button by someone in a wheelchair and making sure they are all placed logically.  Mounting additional button further back on level surfaces for example and making sure automatic doors remained opened for the correct length of time for easy access.  Without thinking about these things, at every location mistakes can be made and progress through a site for some people could be far more challenging than it should be.       


To ensure the smooth delivery of our elements of the project we would be an active member of the wider project delivery programme – with regular meetings being held.  It was important to ensure that each phase of our project worked with the larger construction programme.  For many reasons the construction phases changed and we had to be agile enough to ensure this did not impact on the client’s requirements from our systems.  Regular visits to site were made at specific phases to ensure that our requirements were being met.  Generally, this went to plan but there were a number of times where reality made initial designs impossible.  ACCL were able to modify designs and hardware to accommodate these variations and still deliver the goals.


There were occasions where our client wanted additional coverage.  One additional area of a site was decided at handover to need coverage.  The area had 2 cameras, but these were both important cameras to the overall system and if redirected we would have compromised the original requirements.  Adding or moving a camera would have potentially solved the problem but would have meant additional remedial works to a finished site.  I suggested that we could change one of the cameras to an ultra-wide-angle camera and that would continue to provide the existing view but able cover the additional area as well.  This would provide the required views but not require any additional remedial works to rectify like other options. 


At the same site there was a change in requirement for the Access Control system and an additional door need to be added to the system.  At this very late stage the ability to pull in an additional cable to the area would have been extremely difficult and expensive as all routes had been closed.  Breaking through these finished areas would have been a huge step backwards.  Thankfully we were able to configure the system in a different way that allowed us to use the existing infrastructure to provide the additional door controller and our ability to provide full Access Control to this additional door.   

The client was very happy that at a very late stage in the project we were able to provide an excellent solution to both changes at minimal cost and with no impact on delivery time.


Security and the management of all devices is of upmost importance to the client and their inhouse IT team demanded high standards from ACCL at every stage of the delivery.  We ensured that at a device level all firmware was up to date and secure.  Each device and its associated information was fully documented in conjunction with them.  The CCTV system was setup and the FM manager who was responsible defined the levels of access for each type of user and access from each site.  The Access Control system was commissioned and then completely handed over to the client for management.  This required detailed setup of each location and the sharing meaningful information to the data controller for initial setup and management.   


Three manufactures of hardware were used – the networking and access control were kept in line with the company’s existing systems – while the CCTV and Video Entry was offer by ACCL and agreed as able to exceed their requirements.  The access control and video entry systems were integrated seamlessly with each other and also a landlord system at one site.  The use of video entry systems was not initially considered by our client, but it became apparent to us that it would operationally be very useful to them.  It was fitted to one entrance as a trial and then added to another door at the same site and introduced as a required feature of the other two sites. 


This is a very good example of ACCL working with a client to maximise the effectiveness of systems installed – rather than just blindly delivering what was initially specified.  ACCL worked with the client and the project management team to provide a better result. 


While this was an addition to the original specification ACCL also worked to use existing infrastructure to reduce costs.  Rather than sell additional hardware ACCL work with some aspects to reduce unnecessary spend on equipment that was not really required. An example of this was an existing UPS at the HQ that was able to be used to power all 3 server rooms – this saved the cost of an additional 2 UPS systems.  We worked with the electricians to route dedicated power from the UPS on the 1st floor to the 2nd and 3rd floor.


ACCL delivered on time and within budget all of the required elements of the brief.  While there were many challenges during the project, we believe that we were able to overcome all of them with minimal fuss or adverse impact to the wider project or the client. 

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