Hidden CCTV Concerns – who’s watching you?

28th June, 2021

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    Are you worried that there might be hidden CCTV cameras watching you at work or home?  Are you concerned about what CCTV cameras can see? 


    Matt Hancock was unaware that there were cameras inside his office.  This led to an extremely public and humiliating resignation from his Cabinet post.  While the use of covert CCTV cameras is tightly regulated and rare there is little to stop people operating outside the law. 


    There are many reasons why someone would want to place a camera covertly somewhere.  A covert camera could be used to gain a business advantage or be used to blackmail someone. 

    If you have any reason to believe that you are being secretly filmed at work or home, please get in touch.  Our team have installed covert CCTV for court authorised Government and Police surveillance and are able to identify covert installations.  ACCL can carry out a full sweep of any site to identify covert CCTV camera surveillance.    


    Please contact us if you have concerns and would like a survey.      


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