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Active Communication Company Limited possesses a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience of dealing with all type of project requirement, and through our experience have identified the most important elements of succeeding in meeting project timescales and budgetary restraints involved within the project.


Core principles of project management


  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Risk Management
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Develop

ACCL are fully aware of these challenges and the risks they impose on the client. Each of our installations have a nominated project manager, he is capable of identifying the high risk areas of each project and will highlight them in a detailed implementation plan that will be presented and reviewed with the project team.

Project Management

Project Management is the key to the success of any installation. ACCL have experienced project managers working to the Prince 2 standards of practises and with the sole responsibility of providing a quality installation.

By virtue of past experience with our mixed media installations, we are able to appreciate the likely potential problems involved in such a project. It is our professional business to minimise disruption to other trades and build the strongest working relationships with all those involved or affected by the project. The objective being to provide clearly defined and practical methods to ensure a positive attitude throughout the project’s duration, whilst including the ability to accommodate deviations and modifications through our experience and capability.


ACCL utilise a Pre and Post Sales Design team for the proposed project. Our teams hold a wealth of experience and are fully conversant in working on design projects, liaising with other 3rd party contractors or teams to push the design forward in order to achieve a successfully implemented integrated solution to the client.

Risk Management

Any major risks relating to the proposed project works will be identified, documented and passed on to all relevant parties involved with the project prior to any on site project work commencement.

The major risks in these projects are usually health and safety issues posed towards installers and other contractors/staff on site. These will all be addressed within the early stages by the project manager who will produce a risk assessment document identifying and detailing all the areas of concern, this, in turn, will then be incorporated into a method statement for the work process and distributed to the main contractor and any parties directly affected or involved within ACCL’s Project Works. Should any other risks arise or change during the project duration, all changes will be documented throughout the project life cycle and be distributed to all parties involved within the project.


Like anything in life if you communicate with people and let them know what’s happening before any events occur, people will normally respect and understand what you are trying to achieve. The project team, headed by the project manager will be responsible for any interactive discussion with the main and 3rd party contractors on site, as well as to ACCL’s design team.


From the installers point of view all documentation can be the make or break of any project. You can complete the best installation and fail for not producing a documentation package to reflect the quality of works completed.

As each phase of the work is completed, ACCL will provide updated drawings, schematics and Method statements to the client or main contractor. Over the duration of the project a full documentation package will be built, which will be available to the client or main contractor at any time upon request. Upon completion of the works a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual will be provided.


At ACCL we strive to maximise technology to benefit each client’s individual requirements, through both our experience of the technology available and the understanding of our clients requirements we have managed to develop good solid client relationships. Our aim is not to walk away from projects immediately after completion of a project, but to provide our clients with a full understanding of there system and any required training. Whilst providing the best system solution and ensuring our clients benefit from the maximum return on their investment.

Programme of Works

ACCL will assist in a co-ordination role of this project and help develop a schedule of works that suits all parties to achieve the required design by a realistic date.

Site Meetings

The ACCL Project Manager will attend all necessary site meetings to ensure full co-operation with the project and to receive updates on the rate of works and timescales.

Procurement of Materials

ACCL has developed a materials procurement methodology which will be closely monitored by the site Project Manager and the Operations Manager to ensure that all goods arrive at site in a timely manner in order to ensure smooth running of the project.

ACCL holds additional stocks levels at our Head Office in the advent of late delivery from distribution or manufacturer.

Storage of Materials

The ACCL Project Manager will discuss suitable storage locations with the client or Site Manager prior to ACCL entering site for the safe storage of all required elements of the project.

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