Satellite Services over Fibre Optic Cabling

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Fibre satellite distribution uses Fibre Optic Cabling to distribute Satellite TV signals taken from the antenna and converts them to electrical signals so that they can be used for a conventional set-top box receiver.


The benefit of using Fibre Optic cable over the more commonly used Coaxial Cable is that there is just one cable required for use with more than one Tuner, relieving the need for having separate feeds from the antenna to each tuner. Additional outlets can be added to increase the number of receivers within one home with ease and without having to access the central antenna or main infrastructure at any time.

Fibre cable is also the cheaper option as you will use just one length rather than numerous runs of Coaxial Cable. Although the individual price of one long length of Fibre Optic Cable is possibly more expensive than Coaxial cable you will use far less of it. Fibre Optic Cable is much smaller yet robust and flexible. Additionally, the loss of signal strength is almost negligible so very long cable runs of hundreds of metres are possible without the need for any kind of signal reinforcement.


Coaxial Cable vs Fibre Optic Cabling

Coaxial Cable is known to sometimes suffer from electrical interference but because the fibre optic signal is carried as a beam of light, it does not suffer from the same electrical interference and can even be run alongside mains power cables. Fibre Optic Cabling will also use less power to operate and is therefore environmentally friendly and will improve your Carbon Footprint.

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