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Data Cabling
Making the Right Choice

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These Organisations Chose ACCL

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Networking Assistance
• Installation
• Re-cabling
• Optimisation
• Repair
• Safety

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Data Cabling Installations
Our organisation provides professional installation support to the UK’s corporate, educational and industrial sectors. We are the leading service provider through our provision of excellence.

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ACCL only utilise cable supplied by leading manufacturers. Our engineers operate state of the art equipment. This means each task is carried out in a professional manner.

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ACCL have developed a strong reputation within the cabling industry, this has only been possible through our commitment to deliver exceptional results. Blue Chip organisations turn to ACCL because we are trusted to deliver.

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Guarantees and Warranties
As the leading supplier of data cabling services ACCL offer customer protection through the provision of long-stand guarantees and warranties. Our pledge is a simple one, if a customer is dissatisfied we will not raise an


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Why Choose ACCL?

  • Industry leaders
  • Fully qualified
  • Trusted by major organisations
  • All work is safeguarded
  • Employ gifted engineers and PM’s
  • Cost effective
  • Powerful support infrastructure

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Did You Know!
Southampton FC gained promotion to the Premiership because we helped out with their IT infrastructure

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Where You Can Find Us?

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Thank you for your time,
Please feel free to ask any questions.

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