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Time and tide wait for no man and as we know neither does technology. No sooner have we been excited by the emergence of HDMI than there is a new kid on the block. HDBaseT is the first to provide all-in-one connectivity, making it possible for a single-connector TV to receive power, video/audio, Internet and control signals from the same cable. With HDBaseT a single LAN cable replaces multiple cables and connectors in the home entertainment and business environment.


HDBaseT uses a low frequency which not only allows it to run over standard CAT5e or Cat6 cable but as the signal is so low it does not become affected by electromagnetic interference. HDBaseT uses Power over Ethernet to source consumer electronic devices, such as low-power Blu-ray players, monitors and TVs, and eliminate the need for external power cables.
5Play from HDBaseT enables a network of sources, for example, Blu-ray disc players, game consoles, PCs and mobile devices, to be connected directly to displays in multiple locations. So as an example, you have a Blu-ray in your front room…..with HDBaseT you would it be to be able to watch your front room Blu-ray in your bedroom! HDBaseT enables a network of sources to be connected directly to displays in multiple locations. It allows users an independent yet fully compatible experience. HDBaseT LAN-based solution, however, rids you of the assortment of untidy cables!
HDBaseT provides Internet capability, enabling televisions, stereos, computers and other CE devices to communicate with each other and access multimedia content, including video, pictures and music stored around the house or business.


The compelling features of HDBaseT technology include:

– Uncompressed video/audio up to 10.2 Gbps
– Maximum cable length of 100m, including support of multiple hops, up to 8 x 100m
– Low cost standard Cat5e/6 LAN cable
– Utilizes a standard RJ-45 connector
– Supplies up to 100W of power – which can be utilised to power a remote TV
– Support for 100Mbps Ethernet
– Easy installation utilising existing in-wall Ethernet connectivity
– USB support
– Supports HDCP
– Networking support including extended-range daisy chain and star topologies


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