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Although every precaution is taken there is always a fire risk when your Data Centre Equipment is up and running. One of the most important steps in preventing fire-related damage to your server room or data centre is to be aware of what the main causes of fire can be in these settings. It will be no surprise to find that electrical failure in IT equipment and circuits is the number one cause. Other main fire causes include overheated electronics and subfloor wiring malfunctions, as well as fires that spread from other rooms in the building. In today’s information and technology-driven world, a server room fire is a huge headache if IT equipment is lost, your company can be faced with not only the expense of structural damage and hardware replacement but must also deal with downtime issues as well as information recovery of critical data that make day-to-day business operations possible.


Recent Research undertaken by a leading Fire Prevention company showed that following a serious fire incident:

  • 28% of businesses recover
  • 29% close within three years
  • 43% never reopen

To Ensure you safeguard your business it is imperative that you take steps to protect your data centre against the damage caused by smoke, heat and flame if a fire breaks out in your comms room your big concern is going to be that your voice and data equipment survives with as much damage limitation as possible. Dealing with any fire in a comms room needs to be quick and effective, but because of the nature of the fire suppressant, there can be a whole heap of mess to clear up once the fire is out.
Would it not be a wise choice to put all of the best fire detection and protection tools in the cabinet itself where the risk of fire and the threat to business continuity is greatest? Today’s market offers your Data Centre the option of having fire protection at the point of greatest risk, meaning faster smoke detection and suppression. Why protect a whole room when you can concentrate on protecting high risk, high value, equipment. By installing a Fire Suppression Rack in each cabinet you can deploy in smaller amounts, demonstrating a more responsible environmental policy as well as reducing project costs. Early detection and suppression of the fire within the confined space of the cabinet definitely have huge benefits.


Increasing demand for data

Increase in demand for on-line information is creating the need for companies to place the maximum amount of processing and memory capacity into every Data Centre Cabinet. Managing Director at Cannon Technologies, Matt Goulding is quoted as saying “what was once a straightforward steel structure is now a sophisticated device that is the critical element in delivering the needs of today’s Data Centres”. 2012 is seen as the year in which the Data Cabinet and the racks that they contain become a key component within Data Centres, and powerful processing centres in their own right, with heat dissipation becoming a crucial need.


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