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ACCL’s vast experience with the installation of voice and data cabling has assisted the retail industry in bringing call systems technology to their in-store shopping strategy. For some time the retailers of our high streets and out of town centres have been aware that there is still work to be done on improving the experience of the shopper. One of the key areas where the decision to buy or not to buy is made is, of course, the fitting room, and improvements have already been made by retailers to improve the look and feel of the fitting room experience. But this is just a small part of the plan.


How can new customer call technology benefit your retail environment?

  • Increase sales
  • Improve customer experience scores
  • Optimise Shop Assistant performance and job satisfaction
  • Reduces theft by increasing security
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Assistant versatility and availability becomes more flexible

With the overall goal being to increase revenue by making the shopper happier to try on clothes and ultimately make a purchase, there is a need for store personnel to be reactive to the needs of the shopper. Having recognised that it can sometimes be inconvenient to gain the attention of a shop assistant to get a change of size or colour, our company has identified that that by improving the retailers call systems technology the process can be simplified and improved. The addition of the call buttons means, from the retailer’s perspective, that their staff can increase customer service effectiveness. Additionally, the technology itself combines the customer call with security and enables the store to detect if someone has entered an unattended fitting area. The customer call systems use a microprocessor-based unit which ACCL can install with minimum disruption to the store.

Sales personnel wear a small paging device that directs them to the shopper in need of attention should the fitting room be unmanned or very busy. In addition to the pager our call systems technology has an LED priority indicator situated in the fitting room area and will display who is requesting assistance and when necessary in which order. The result is a more efficient and discreet service to the benefit of both the shopper and the retailer.

Equally important to the retailer is the need for a tracking system that will monitor the effectiveness of their sales and customer service. By linking the pager to their back end system, the retailer will be able to monitor the usage and give an accurate reflection of traffic flow, sales patterns and conversion rates. *

Our company will provide a quick and efficient service with the installation of your call systems technology. Our team of fully qualified engineers will work around the needs of your business and all the cabling is discreet and neatly finished. For the purposes of refits and modifications, all our installations are fitted with quick release connections meaning minimum downtime and disruption.


Tracking system

*The Tennant Active System (TAS) offered by ACCL and installed in some of the larger UK shopping Centres is able to provide a reliable tracking system. An accurate single web-based system, with a proven record in storing all data in a secure and structured location. Allowing management to access vital information from one standardised location maintaining the smooth and efficient operation of a Retail Centre.


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If you are interested in discussing a call system solution for your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity

For more information on ACCL’s call system installation services call:

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