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Environmental monitoring solutions are all about giving tenants in retail units or office buildings the tools they need to monitor their power consumption and consider what impact changes have.
ACCL is an expert in the installation of environmental monitoring systems, and help to train your people so that you can interpret the effect of changes in power consumption on your overall environmental performance, cost savings and business efficiency.


Environmental monitoring solutions – how does it work?

Our environmental monitoring solution relies on a specialist sensor which is placed on the incoming electricity supply cables, from which energy consumption information is continuously fed to our monitoring software application. The collected data is presented on a user-friendly dashboard.


Comparison is key

Benchmarking is the essential first step in effective energy management. The best practice is to audit in-store or office energy consuming installations to ensure that cost-in-use is as low as possible to achieve the necessary performance levels. Once a benchmark has been established, our environmental monitoring software can provide internal comparative data and external comparative data to help you make significant savings.

Internal comparative data reporting, where the most recent usage profile is compared against historical data, is generated over a period of time. This is particularly useful for the production of ‘by exception’ alerts, i.e. if usage rises above a set number of kilowatts, an automated alarm is sent to a designated destination. That may be to an email-enabled computer or as an SMS message to a mobile phone.

External comparative data reporting provides an understanding of whether the usage profile of a retailer or office is similar, more, or less than expected when compared with same sector users. This is particularly effective in shopping centres where retailers with similar square footage can be compared to provide a true like-for-like comparison.


Audited history

Our environmental monitoring solution will provide a detailed history of power consumption over time, enabling your organisation to learn what works and what doesn’t and to report on improvement as part of any Corporate Responsibility agenda.


Get in touch

If you are interested in know more about ACCL or want to discuss an environmental monitoring solution for your Company, the experts are just a phone call away. Following an initial chat, a site visit will be scheduled at the earliest opportunity


For more information on ACCL’s environmental monitoring services call:

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