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The flexibility offered by an air blown fibre installation can substantially minimise your data network build costs.


A blown fibre optic cabling solution can benefit your company in the following ways;

  • Less manpower so you save on labour costs – an immediate benefit
  • Splice and breakout expenses can be minimised.
  • Deployment of fibres are related to actual requirement.
  • Significantly reduced timescales and costs for subsequent connections.
  • Service provision on a just-in-time basis.
  • Existing tube routes can be interrupted at any location – allowing rapid network upgrades.
  • Existing fibre links can be easily re-routed to new users.
  • Super fast data links with emerging fibre technologies – voice, data, video.
  • Superior damage recovery performance.
  • Simplified Planning you choose a tube size, then install fibres as needed.
  • Cost Effective you pay only for fibres as you require them this eliminates any redundant fibres and defers your costs.
  • Future proof your network, makes it easily upgradable.
  • Scalable solutions you can install or remove fibres as needed.
  • Speed of installation once the fibre tube has been installed, fibre can be blown in.
  • Blow fibres upto 1 Km (great for underground work
  • Fibres can be blown up vertical building (because they’re lightweight)


Why use a blown fibre over copper cable?

Blown optical fibre is a unique installation solution that gives you a more flexible and cost-effective deployment, because of its ability to support your company’s future network expansion requirements. With traditional copper cables, it can be costly to upgrade and replace existing data networks.

Blown fibre enables your data networks to adapt to changing business requirements and allows optical fibres to be deployed on-demand from one point of a network to another (internal or external) using special compressed air to blow optical fibre cables into pre-installed tubes.


If you’re interested in the Theory

It was discovered and later patented, that a suitable fibre bundle, which may consist of 4 or 8 or more fibres bonded together to form a flexible yet single ‘strand’ called a fibre unit, could be propelled inside a tubular route using compressed airflow.

The compressed air and the optical fibre are both fed into a small chamber known as the ‘blowing head’ and along a polyethylene microduct (tube), maybe several hundred metres long.
There is no ‘plug’ at the fibre’s leading end that would fill the tube and respond to the air pressure and ‘pull’ the fibre along. This would cause fibre tension. Instead, the air moves past the fibre at high speed and provides a gentle and stress-free drive at all points along the fibre.
This means that the fibre needs no tensile reinforcement to survive stressful cable installation. And it arrives at the customer end suffering no tension effects at all.
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