Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) will provide you with lower costs, less downtime, easier maintenance, and greater installation flexibility than traditional wiring. Power over Ethernet allows an electrical current to travel through data cable, minimising the number of wires involved in order to install your network. Electrical current enters the cable at the power supply end and comes out of the other end having been kept separate from and causing no interference to the Data Signal also being transmitted through the cable.


A component called a PoE injector is used for the electrical current to enter the cable, if the device at the other end of the cable is not compatible with Power over Ethernet then another POE device called a picker or tap will be used to remove the current from the cable and into the device. More sophisticated Power over Ethernet systems also involves fault protection which will shut down the power supply if there is a short circuit or increased current, the result being minimal possibility of damage to equipment in the event of a malfunction.


Common uses of PoE

The most common use of Power over Ethernet is when AC power could be inconvenient, expensive, not feasible to supply. Recently, however, even when AC power or USB can be used, Power over Ethernet has displayed distinct advantages over both options as it can be a cheaper alternative as USB repeaters and AC wire is more expensive than even the higher quality outdoor Category 5 Cable. Additionally meeting building code requirements to run AC power cable safely is eliminated.

AC outlets, power can be supplied at either end of the cable, which means the location of devices can be determined after cables and outlets are installed.


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